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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  March 13, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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right now at 6:00, all eyes on japan where the death toll has topped 10,000. two days after a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and killer tsunami. millions of people are still without food, water and electricity. entire towns are destroyed. more than 180,000 people have evacuated the northeastern coast and hundreds scanned for radiation exposure as nuclear power plants may be on the verge of a meltdown. tonight there are reports as many as 160 people in japan have been exposed to radiation. thanks for joining us at 6:00. i'm will thomas.
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>> and i'm maureen umeh. and residents from our area are touching down in japan to assist in the aftermath. >> the search and rescue team was mobilized on friday. they landed at 1:30 this morning. there are 74 team members, including doctors, engineers, firefighters and rescue dogs. the entire world is feeling the effects of the disaster in japan. the aftermath has been intensified by new problems with yet another nuclear facility. here is fox's adam housely with what is happening right now. >> reporter: fear growing in japan over a possible nuclear disaster as the u.n. nuclear agency said the country has declared an emergency at a second location 120-kilometer from the first one and closer to the major city of sendai. investigators are investigating the source of the plant but all three reactors they say are under control.
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after reports of a plant in phyco sheila. friday's earthquake knocked down the plant at that facility. sea water is preventing the meltdown. >> we're using salt water to cool down the reactors so the authorities are ready to destroy the react to avoid the worst scenario but we can't say that the worst has been avoided. >> reporter: the prime minister is calling this disaster one of the worst in his country's history. >> i believe that fridays a earthquake and tsunami and the current situation with the power plant is the worst crisis japan has faced since the end of world war ii. >> reporter: and troops rescuing a 60-year-old man who said he was thrown out to sea as he clung to the roof of his wife. sadly his wife was swept away. three elderly people rescued after being trapped in a car for 20 hours. survivors waiting for any sort of support as they cope without
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enough food, water or electricity. the military is sending helicopters with emergency supplies to help with the relief. and the quake is much worse than thought as the earthquake was updated to 9.0. in japan, adam housely, fox news. >> again dozens of countries are pitching in to help japan recover. crews arrived with high-tech equipment and search dogs. prayers are going out to japan from the vatican. pope benedict took time out today to discuss the tragedy during his weekly address anden occur aged aid workers and praised -- and encouraged age workers and praised developments. for more go to on our website. and if you have loved ones in the effected areas you can track them down with google people finder. breaking news from metro right now. the eastern market station is shut down because of what
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police are calling a suspicious package. no one is allowed to get on or off the trains. trains are still going through the station. d.c. police and fire responders are on the scene and we'll bring you what we learn tonight at 10:00. bethesda residents are still reeling from the shocking murder of an arlington murder and the sexual assault of her coworker on friday night inside a yoga and athletic apparel store. the store was closed today as they continue the investigation. karen gray houston is live in the news room with the latest. >> reporter: both women were young. we're told the woman killed, jana murray of arlington, was engaged to be married. police have not identified the 27-year-old woman who survived the attack but was sexually assaulted. the hunt is on tonight for the two suspects. there was the typical sunday
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crowd of shoppers on bethesda avenue but also an eerie tenseness. >> i was doing meditating and a series of mantra of prayers over and over again. >> reporter: praying for jana murray. described as vibrant and athletic and fun. >> she liked to travel and she liked to hike and very athletic person and full of spirit. >> reporter: this young man said he ran a race with jana on a team back in september. >> it was almost 200 miles from cumberland, maryland, to the district and it ended in alexandria. >> reporter: the doors to the store remain sealed shut as detectives look for clues. they are not identifying the woman sexually attacked. police are looking for the two sus wents who got -- suspects who got in a door when the two women went in after hours to retrieve something left behind. >> the two suspects showed up
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prepared to commit a crime. they were gloved up, they had masks. >> reporter: friends and local businesses are leaving flowers and notes, trying to make sense of what looks like madness. >> i don't know what it is. it's horrific beyond words. >> reporter: in stores and shops in this once quiet neighborhood, there are now concerns about security. >> a lady called a few minutes ago and said i had a massage today and i want to cancel it because i'm uncomfortable with what happened at lu lu lemon. >> reporter: some are thinking about getting surveillance cameras, one more thing a local business is offering a $10,000 reward on top of that being offered by crime solvers. i'm karen gray houston in the fox 5 news room. a fox 5 follow-up to a big fight that broke out last
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weekend at the dmv music awards. we have video we can roll for you of the event showing some of the brawl. today members of the entertainment industry and the public met to make sure this doesn't happen again. several people were hurt in the fight that occurred at the annual event held at a crystal city hotel last saturday. the new details on the deadly bus crash in new york. the driver said the bus got clipped by a tractor-trailer but passengers and witnesses say that's not true. they say the driver had been swerving for no reason before the bus slid off the road and into a pole. 14 people died in that crash. the driver is hospitalized and in serious condition. officials still have not located the driver of that tractor-trailer. final respects for the last american veteran of world war i. >> frank buckles was remembered in northwest d.c. today. a stream of people came to the funeral home on wisconsin avenue to pay their respects. buckles enlisted when he was just 16 after lying about his
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age. he died february 27th at the age of 110. they were hold visitation tomorrow from noon until 9 and he will lie if repose in the memorial amphitheater and buried with full military honors at a public ceremony that afternoon. >> certainly part of a generation who stepped forward and not. when we come back, local hockey fans react to the latest nhl news. what can hockey fans tell football fans about a lockout? i'll tell you what cap fans have to say. 
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the obama administration is condemning the political violence -- condemning the violence in bahrain. and in yemen, at least three people were killed and hundreds more injured. officers fired bullets teargas and a water cannon at demonstrators there. the white house released a statement saying in part, the u.s. strongly condemns the violence that has taken place in bahrain and yemen today. we urge the government of these countries to pursue a peaceful option. p.j. crowley is out after making
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comments about the way the army has treated a suspect in the wiki leaks debacle. crowley resigns after calling the army's tactics ridiculous and stupid. private bradley manning is accused of giving videos to wiki leaks and is now kept in solitary confinement 23 hours a day, striped naked at night and must wear a especially designed smock to bed. the army said it keeps him safe and prevent suicide attempts. former baseball player roger clemens is slapping congress with a subpeona. espn is reporting that clemens wants all interview summaries, notes and memos related to the house committee hearing on steroid use held three years ago. he testified in that hearing and is now charged with lying to congress. the next hearing in the case is scheduled for tomorrow morning. now to a big story we're following. the nfl lockout. after 17 days at the bargaining table, owners and players walked away with no labor deal.
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commissioner roger goodell insists there will be a 2011 season. but with the lockout comes the very real possibility of no football games this year. and that has plenty of fans worried about the future of the nfl. tisha thompson found some fans that know a thing or two about a lockout and when they went through when their team didn't play. >> reporter: at the corner of s. and 7th, there was a time when the fans didn't rock the red. >> we saw what happened with hockey and when it locked out, no season. those athletes went through a hard time. that's their job and that's what they know. so i think really more than anything they should learn from that. >> reporter: it's been 16 years since the nhl lockout in 1995. and capitals fans have plenty to say about why football should pay attention to hockey. >> everybody is going to lose but the fans will lose the most. >> i'm depressed but it's a long way to the season.
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got a long way to go. they can work it out. there's too much money at stake. >> i think it's horrible and i think it will be bad for football and most of all that the average football fan is not going to enjoy the season and it's going to be the fans that suffer not the greedy owners. >> reporter: speaking about greedy, greg otto couldn't decide which winning team he likes more. >> with the caps, they're a winning team right now. packers are a winning team. got to have both. celebrate the day. >> reporter: aren't you being a little greedy? >> a little, but why not. >> reporter: and then oughto remembered, he owns part of an nfl team. >> i'm a stockholder. i own a piece of the packers. >> so can you feel pain or no? >> yeah. >> reporter: he said he doesn't actually make any money off of his chunk of the team but said it's a reminder that the fans can ultimately make or break even the very best teams.
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at the verizon center, tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> can you imagine what would happen in the fall with no football? >> you know it's going to happen. there is way too much money at stake. the redskins fans, be patient and we'll have the outcome of that caps game coming up in sports. major flooding turning the garden state into a soggy mess. >> some new jersey resident will have to wait a few more days to return to their homes. that story plus much more when fox 5 news at 6:00 continues. '
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heavy rainfall has left parts of new jersey under water. several roads have been closed off as a result of the floods. and it will be a while before we know the extent of the damage. >> two major rivers continue to over flow, threatening nearby towns. and in one area the water has gotten so high it is flowing over bridges. diana rocco has more. >> reporter: welcome to burgon county, hope you brought your waders. waters are still rising. >> it's tough. >> reporter: in the last several hours the river has taken out entire parking lots, forcing restaurants to close. manny gomez said this time around it's cost him $20,000 in lost business. >> i'll be closed for two days already and i can't make any
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business. >> we have to try and think of worse things that are happening. >> reporter: in the last several hours homeowners with nowhere to go found themselves surrounded. entire streets look more like lakes. the pumps are running and the sandbags are out but many fear the worst is yet to come. >> we're just pumping it out and hoping for the best. >> tired of living here? >> yeah. hopefully it doesn't get any higher. if it gets any higher, it will be significantly worse. >> reporter: this afternoon dozens of families in patterson were evacuated, some by boat. the downtown was over run with raging rivers, bridges and roads submerged. in hawthorne residents were given a voluntary evacuation notice and told shelters were open but most chose to roll up the pants and wade this one out. >> a lot of people in waders are going up and down the street. it's the only way. and a couple of cars have
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gotten stuck. yesterday there was a pathfinder stuck down there and a couple of other cars. >> well, boy, you see video like that and it makes you appreciate days like that. >> sure does. and i was just saying, i didn't even enjoy the day. i spent the day sleeping, trying to catch on the daylight savings time hours different. >> i got out. as much as i could. it was just gorgeous. >> and we were encouraging people to get out and have brunch outside. today is the last sunday of winter officially because next -- officially because next sunday is the first day of spring. so plenty of sunshine. winds picked up a little bit. a little on the gusty side. about 24-28 mile-per-hours in some of the areas. but overnight not too bad. a cool night ahead so be prepared for that if you are heading out, bundle up. the week will start very pleasant. but mid week we have some rain in our forecast so expect to have the umbrella handy and late week we have a really big
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temperature rise in our forecast. today's highs, we hit rights on the mark. it was 59 degrees at national airport. 59 at dulles and 58 at baltimore. so a fairly pleasant day. right now it's 55 degrees. still fairly nice outside and mild. humidity at 42%. winds picking up from the north at 15 miles per hour but they will start to subside as we head through into tonight and becoming fairly calm. right now we have 54 degrees at gaithersburg. 54 at frederick. 54 at winchester. 65 to the south at fredericksberg. and over all temperatures not bad. it's still comfortable out there as i mentioned. and as far as national temperatures, you can see where the colder air is right here through the northern plains and up to west, to the south as well as yesterday we had all of this nice warmer air to the south and that's what we'll benefit from as we move into the extended period of the week because by late week we'll get a nice throw pushing up the mid- atlantic and our temperatures will headway up there. wait until you see what the five-day forecast has for you.
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so winds now finally started to improve. so 6-14 and -- and 15 miles per hour. 23 at winchester. 21 at manassas and 21 at frederick. 17 at gaithersburg. so very, very much improved and that will continue to be the way into the course of tonight. we had a dry cold front that moved through into the course of today. the only thing that it did was bring us a shift in our winds from the west to a northwesterly flow and a bit of a northerly flow into the course of tonight. but not bad. partly cloudy skies tonight across the area but cool out there. and then the skies start to clear out a little bit. now future-cast showing you what we'll deal with into the week. we have some rain in our forecast. by monday night, expect to see some of it to the farm southwest as we deal with a low pressure system from the lower mississippi valley with an associated cold front. by tuesday we'll start to see it get more widespread and to the far west over the mountains
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they could even see a little bit of frozen precipitation. wednesday looks like the primary rain day and not as heavy as the last two rainfalls but do expect for it to rain tuesday night and into wednesday and moving out after that. for tonight, partly cloudy and windy, chilly, 37 overnight low. for tomorrow, a very pleasant day, around 52 degrees with the northerly wind. here is a look at your day planner. by midday around 47. no shortage of sunshine tomorrow i'm happy to say. look at the five-day forecast. the heat is on by friday. st. patty's day not bad. sunny with 65. and by friday we're tapping into the 70s folks. and to the south of us it could be warmer. in fact charlottesville today was 73 degrees. >> no complaints. >> we need to coup up that song the heat is on. >> thanks, gwen.
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[ sound of bagpipes ] not something you would expect to hear along a 8-k and runners took their mark at 9:00 this morning on pennsylvania avenue northwest. a lot of green in that sea of runners. there were a few street closures but everything is back open now. st. patrick's day is on thursday, looking like a lovely day. >> i was looking for fish when you said a lot of sea in the sea. the brain not working well today. and to the nhl action this afternoon at verizon center. >> the caps heat up against the defending stanley cup champions blackhawks. dave feldman is up next with sports.
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good evening, i'm dave feldman. it is selection sunday and we already know where one of our local teams has been selected. george mason earned an 8 seed in the east and will face number 9 villanova in cleveland on friday. we don't know what time, and we're still waiting to hear where georgetown goes. hockey now and the washington capitals have become almost boring in their consistency. this afternoon seeking their 40th victory of the season for a fourth straight year. something the franchise had never done. backstrom against the blackhawks, thumb still an issue. first period, still shorthanded, past crawford for the third of the year, game tied, 1-1. later in the first period, caps on a power-play, teasing it up and seeing eye
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slapper for the back of the net. second goal making it 2-1. third period, still tied at 2. eric fehr back hands it to light who beats crawford, caps back in front 3-2. and a bank off the boards and banks it in off brandon holpy to force over time. and nifty stick handling and past crawford for the game- winner, the 16th of the year. the caps defeat the blackhawks 4-3 for the 8th consecutive win. >> i think we were overall just carrying the play. i thought we played better than them. it might not happen the next time we play them, but they might be tired for being on the road for eight or nine days, i thought today we were the better team. back to hoops, eight days ago north carolina defeated duke to capture the acc regular
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season title and the top seed today. today the rematch with the acc championship at stake. first half, north carolina's kendall marshall, from dumfries, virginia, has his pass stolen by ryan kelly to nolan smith. smith with a game high of 20. duke up 9. roy williams, i don't like it. later first half, seth curry turning it over, and this time kendall marshall responds with a pass for the land and the foul. he missed the free throw and duke was up by 14 at the break. second half, duke's lead cut to 9 until seth curry hits the three-pointer. he had 11 and duke cruises past north carolina 75-58 to win the acc championship. their 10th title in the last few years. the nationals defeated the marlin this is afternoon 5-1 to improve to 10-5 in grapefruit league play. 18 days until opening day and some positions are still up for grabs. todd coffey is challenging for the role of closer.
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drystone has its inside track but coffee has not disappointed, pitching four scoreless innings while allowing one hit. when he gets the call from the bullpen, the 6-foot, 250- pounder sprints to the mound. and i asked the tall red head about his signature entrance. well, if you heard what he head to say, he would have told you that he comes out to ultimate warrior fighting music and he's always sprinted and that's the way he gets excited and it calms him down. it's hard to believe that calms him down. closers are very -- it's a dicey situation. you come in and you have to get one out and that's what he does. >> we're looking forward to hearing that song at 10:00. >> and also you'll hear from george mason, lindsey is out there, they're in the
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tournament. about four or five years ago they went to the final four. we had mason fever. >> will thomas. >> and he knows his number. you know there was some stuff going on. georgetown is going to get in too. we'll hear from them. >> looking forward to that. that's it for 6:00. we're back at 10:00 and 11:00. >> see you then.  
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